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The best online yoga shop in the UK.


Directory of classes and teachers in the UK.


Some of the wonderful retreats and yoga centres I have experienced:

Kalani - Hawaii

Tierra De Milagros - Costa Rica

Semperviva Yoga Centre - Vancouver

Yoga Magic - Goa

Sunshine Network - Thailand

Brahmani Yoga - Goa

The Special Yoga Centre - UK

Some of the many yogis I have had the pleasure of learning from. I thank them with devotional gratitude!

Tias Little - Prajna Yoga

Alan Finger - Ishta Yoga

Aaron Star - HNY

Darren Main - Yogatree

Michael Watson - Bermuda Health Co-op

Christopher Love - Mission Yoga

Lina Mookerjee - Praxis PPD (British Wheel of Yoga)

Simon Buxton - Sacred Trust

Nick Collins - Sunpower Yoga

Liz Warrington - Scaravelli Yoga

Bill Wood - Scaravelli Yoga