After graduating from my 3 year teacher training course, I was asked this question by my course tutor....

When I thought I knew what it was, I started to wonder

As I closed my eyes and could still see the colour of the sun on my face.

I thought is this it?

I then walked peacefully through a flock of pigeons, and not one noticed me.

I closed my ears and could still hear the world singing,

I heard the sound within me that had been there before me.


I thought about the world, and then the universe, and the infinite possibilities that were there,

if I allowed myself to be open to that thought.

Is it to realise that my heart can expand beyond its physical capacity?

Is it to realise that my body can move beyond its physical restraints?

Is it to understand that the only constant in life exists only through inconsistency itself?


Perhaps it will become clearer if I focus on my breath? If I learn simply to observe it?

Perhaps it will reveal itself to me if I could just focus my mind on one thing and not allow it to wonder.

My mind often reminds me of a garden path in autumn, when scarcely is it clear, before it is once again covered with fallen leaves.


I then consider if the answer will come to me if, only I could correctly pronounce a mantra and repeat it one hundred and eight thousand times?

Then I consider Patanjali’s sutra about the two opposing poles ceasing to exist, as I walk past a man forcefully strimming back the plants….


I whisper an apology to them.


A few moments later the world seemed to become quieter again.

I imagined a room within, with a mirror suspended, rattling against the wall,

And I saw eternity reflected within the mirror.

I felt at peace as I saw the fragility of a drop of dew sparkle on a blade of grass.

I then began to see the expanse of beauty in everything I perceived

I sensed a deliberate magic to the world, and breathed a sigh of contentment and smiled.


What was the question again?