Richard William George, BWY diploma, Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.




Richard has travelled extensively around the world in order to study and teach yoga in many different spiritual contexts.

He has studied with many inspirational yoga teachers such as Donna Farhi, Tias Little and Doug Keller.

He completed his 3 year teaching diploma with the BWY in 2008, and has since completed additional teacher training courses in many styles of yoga and movement, in various cities around the world.


These include hatha, iyengar, astanga, vinyasa, yoga as therapy, anatomy trains, fascia fitness, improvised dance, somatics and shamanism.

A full list of training can be found here


SInce then he has also completed a 2 year diploma in Yoga Therapy, and a 3 year certified course in Shamanic Practices.


He currently teaches regular classes and workshops in Birmingham, and runs retreats around the world.


His First 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training will run in 2017.




"I am fascinated by the uniqueness of yoga to the individual. My aim is to help people to explore for themselves the many benefits yoga brings and also to connect with and experience and sense for themselves the wonders of the human body and mind.


believe that yoga is a personal journey we decide to take and the various styles of yoga are different pathways used to help us to reach the same goal. I aim to encourage different approaches taken from different styles taylored towards the individuals' needs in order to help them find their own personal journey that is right for them.


I strongly believe that yoga is about the practice, not the goal, and definitely not a form of perfection. It is about exploring the many beneficial postures and processing the experience the body goes through and the effects it has on an energetic level. By returning to our practice on a regular basis, we can use the body and breath to experience the process of personal learning and development; and a way of exploring and feeling who we truly are in body, mind and spirit."



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telephone: 07976 400 390