Richard is also available for private yoga sessions and Bodywork/ massage

body work & massage.



richard has trained with the sunshine network in thailand, to give full body thai massage, and has adapted this technique to include a unique blend of other intuitive approaches (deep tissue, harmonics, connective tissue release & sound healing) dependent on what your body responds to.

the result is an amazing whole body mind experience!




thai massage often described as "lazy persons yoga", is a very physical style of massage which aims to work the body in all its energetic directions. similar to yoga the body will be be taken on a journey of forward folding, backward bending, twists, and even inversions, stretching the body in a safe and energising way. sometimes the massage may include restorative yoga poses if the body simply needs to rest or rejuvenate.



the massage works to unblock any stale or trapped energy within the channels of the body, allowing energy to move and circulate freely through the body. Because the body is totally relaxed the body can stretch deeper than during a yoga session, as the muscles relax and lengthen without effort.

the end result is similar to the blissful state after a yoga session, as the massage starts at the feet and moves the energy in an upward direction along the energy centres of the body towards the crown of then head.

although thai yoga massage is a very traditional technique, i have combined my experience and knowledge of the human body through yoga and anatomical study, to provide a deeper, relaxed and energising experience.



session costs £75/ 90mins.

(also available on international retreats.)

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"I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday - it felt truly wonderful and i went home and zonked! After both our sessions I have had this funny feeling. I have left wanting more - or for it not too end so soon -  and I think that is testament to both your talent and where my head is at the moment."


"you made me feel very welcome, not at all embarrassed and you're very good at maintaining interest and eye contact with the client. Just something that in the fitness industry I've noticed not everyone can do, but there is something really open and professional about you!"